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Shipping Detail

Flat Rate Shipping
Dim. Weight Ground 3 Day 2 Day Next Day Next Day
w/Ice Packs
Alaska &
Ground Only
.01-9 lbs 13.99 36.99 44.99 62.99 72.99 53.99
9.01-15 lbs 16.99 54.99 59.99 82.99 92.99 56.99
15.01-25 lbs 19.99 65.99 79.99 104.99 114.99 59.99

ATTENTION: All orders with shipping weight over 25.01 lbs. will be charged $39.99 via UPS Ground shipping. Expedited rates upon request. Please note that Ship Day, Weekends and all Holidays are not transit days. Other shipping methods/locations available by request.

We ship to all 50 states.
All gift baskets can be shipped to all 50 states.

Same Day Shipping
Orders received before 11:00AM Mountain Time weekdays are generally shipped the same business day unless otherwise specified. This is our standard procedure and not a guarantee. Orders received after that time and on weekends or holidays are shipped the next business day. Although we place a high priority on getting your order shipped as soon as possible, please note we make no guarantees as large orders, seasonal peaks, severe weather conditions or other circumstances may sometimes delay shipping.

Shipping & Delivery Policies
Carrier Rules and Regulations - We ship per each carrier’s rules and regulations and are bound to their policies. Once the package has been handed to the shipping carrier that liability of the package no longer lies with Bisket Baskets Dropshipping nor are we liable for lost or stolen merchandise. Bisket Baskets Dropshipping has no control over a carrier’s actual delivery time or their decision if your location is considered "safe" to leave a package. If a delivery attempt has been made, the carrier will leave a notice which the recipient must follow. Bisket Baskets Dropshipping will not refund or reship any package that has been marked as "Delivered" by the carrier even if recipient claims non-receipt. We suggest that the recipient contact the delivering carrier to verify where parcel was placed. If a package is returned for any reason without prior return authorization, no refund will be issued.

Shipping Container
Currently, all orders are shipped in standard brown boxes with no imprinting of the Bisket Baskets Dropshipping/logo. We are an environmentally friendly company and in doing our part upon occasion will ship using recycled boxes. This benefits both our landfills and is one small way in keeping our costs down.

Shipping Label
All carriers require us to include our business address and phone on all labels for return shipments. The shipping label will read as follows:
    Gift Fulfillment Center
    10940 S. Parker Rd #208
    Parker, CO 80134
    Our Production Facility Phone #
Shipping Methods & Delivery Times
Providing the most economical shipping cost to you is very important and therefore we ship using several carriers.
  • Ground - Prompt, dependable, cost-effective shipping, an economical choice for all of your routine shipments. The delivery time varies depending upon where the item is shipping to from our location. Upgrade your shipping method if you have any time constraints as we also use SurePost which may add 1 or 2 additional days for delivery.
  • 3 Day - Delivers in 3 business days after your order is shipped.
  • 2 Day - Delivers in 2 business days after your order is shipped.
  • Next Day - Delivers next business day after your order is shipped.
  • Next Day with Ice - Delivers next business day after your order is shipped. To include ice packet(s) and insulation.

Additional Fees
Any package that is redirected, intercepted or similar incurs what is called an Adjustment Fee.
  • Adjustment Fee is $24 per occurrence. This fee includes the Intercept Fee as well as any additional shipping costs incurred to get package from original destination to the new destination. Additional charges may be incurred should this service exceed the collected amount of $24.
Undelivered Parcels
When a parcel is returned to Bisket Baskets Dropshipping for any reason the following criteria will be applied.
  • Member will be billed all return fees.
  • Member must notify Bisket Baskets Dropshipping of their choice from the below options to finalize the return:
    • Option 1 – Bisket Baskets Dropshipping will reship this SAME gift to a new address. Outbound shipping costs will apply or
    • Option 2 – Bisket Baskets Dropshipping will destroy this returned gift and redesign a NEW gift at an additional 10% discount and outbound shipping costs will apply or
    • Option 3 – Bisket Baskets Dropshipping will destroy the returned package and no additional effort will be made to reship a gift. Bisket Baskets will default to this option after 5 business days of return.
Bisket Baskets Dropshipping destroys all returned gifts unless they are reshipped for the same client. This procedure is due to parcels being in the transit system for up to 21 days and with our gifts being consumable we do not wish to put anyone at risk for the sake of a few dollars.

Damaged Goods
Please view our policy page for how to handle parcels that have been damaged during shipping.

With the volume that any shipping carrier delivers on any given day throughout the world, there are some packages that simply do not reach their destination within the timeframe expected. It is very unfortunate when this happens however, we cannot provide a financial guarantee on another company’s performance. We trust you will understand.

Package Tracking
You will be supplied your tracking number or delivery confirmation number so you have constant access to your package information.
UPS Tracking
FedEx Tracking
USPS Track & Confirm
DHL Express Tracking

Delivery Days
Delivery Days