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Drop Ship Corporate & Convention Sales

Thank you for your interest in providing our gifts to your corporate and convention contacts. We handle these orders differently than we do our regular single customer orders so if you have any additional questions after reading these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to assist you by providing our gifts in your company name.
  • Contact Us: Please contact us ASAP when discussing these types of orders with your clientele. We will need to know which item(s) your clientele is considering so that we can begin our work of determining which items if any we will need to bring in to complete the possible order and better give you a more accurate timeframe for completion.

  • Discount: We operate off a very low profit margin and are unable to offer our members additional discounts.

  • Substitutions: Much effort is put into designing our gift baskets, but if your customer is requesting a substitution of one product to another we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for that service. We strongly request that you not substitute any products as our gifts are designed to fit perfectly within the container. Substitution Fee begins at $20 and up.

  • Deposit: We require full payment (non-refundable) for every order. Delivery costs will be collected prior to the product leaving our facility.

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards are available and limited to twelve words per card.

  • Shipping & Delivery: The carrier for this type of delivery will rest with BB Dropshipping. All delivery and handling charges will be collected at time of shipment.

  • Information Required: Please obtain the following information for processing and delivery.
      Company Name:
      Contact Person:
      Phone Number for Contact:
      Shipping/Delivery Destination:
      Name of Facility:
      Street Address:
      City, State & Zip:
      Desired Room Location if Applicable:
      Delivery Date Requested:
      Gift Requested:
      Gift Message:
      Shipping Type: Individual Shipments or One Location