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Procedure to Terminate Dropship Membership

Notice: No accounts will be terminated from Dec 1 - Jan 5th due to the heavy seasonal activity. You may submit your request and we will begin to process on or about January 5th. No monthly fee will be waived during this time.

    1. REMOVE all images belonging to Bisket Baskets from your website(s).
    2. REMOVE all text; including product descriptions, shipping policies etc belonging to Bisket Baskets from your website(s).
    3. COMPLETE the Request For Termination of Membership in PDF format. A credit card maybe required to collect any outstanding amount. Please reach out to us prior if you wish to know if and how much you would be charged.
    4. You may send to us via:
      Email to:
      BisketBasketsDropshipping@gmail.com or
      Snail Mail at:
        Bisket Baskets Dropshipping
        10940 S. Parker Rd #208
        Parker CO 80134

    1. Review your website for compliance of product/text removal.
    2. Collect outstanding balance on your credit card (if necessary).
    3. Close account as requested.
    4. Letter of Termination will be sent to you for your records. During normal business time; please allow up to 5 business days for receipt of letter.

For full details regarding the process of termination, please see your Contract/Agreement. Section 4 titled Term and Termination. Subsection C items: i, ii, iii,iiii.