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Jason Systems Imprinting Machine (Excellent Condition)

Jason Systems Imprinting Machine (Excellent Condition)

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INTRODUCING... The Imprinting Machine you have been wanting...very versatile, yet easy to operate. The automatic thermostat control with indicator lights lets you know when the machine is ready for imprinting. The dual heating system heats up quickly and assures consistent heat throughout the printing area, an important feature when you want to offer your customer high quality in-house imprinting. And with the extra-long neck you can imprint an 18 inch album right in the center. No other machine offers you these features and versatility.

Not just electrically certified but UL Listed for your assurance of quality and safety.
  • Imprint napkins, ribbons, pencils, photos, matches, mylar balloons, Bibles and many other paper, plastic and leather items.
Whether you're a large retailer looking for extra profits or a small business looking for an edge that separates you from the rest, imprinting right in your own store will:
  • Stimulate impulse buying
  • Attract more customers
  • Eliminate returns
  • Generate extra profits
  • Provide more satisfied customers
JASON SYSTEMS is committed to customer satisfaction and service. No machine is shipped until it is thoroughly tested. We have very high quality control standards. JASON SYSTEMS is a family-oriented company and is here to satisfy your every imprinting need. Our goal is to make sure you are a satisfied customer. With a total of 40 YEARS experience in the imprinting industry, we feel we have engineered:
  • The best machine on the market
  • The most versatile machine
  • The best price
  • The best heating system
  • The best guarantee program on the market
Get everything you need to start in-house imprinting in ONE PACKAGE.

Benefit from using JASON SYSTEMS. We are proud of being a CARING COMPANY. All of our products are high quality, precision-made for years of reliability. They're easy to use and very affordable. Come join our family of JASON SYSTEMS owners, where every customer IS IMPORTANT!

The above information was obtained thru Jason Systems Imprinting website.

Our machine is in brand new condition and used less than a handful of times; we simply did not use this machine to itís potential.

Details of whatís included:
  • Hot Stamp Machine (You get everything it came with but here are a few items)
  • Napkin Guide
  • Ribbon Guide
  • 2 font trays
  • 18 Pt Goudy Caps & Numbers in wooden case
  • 18 Pt Goudy lower case in wooden case
  • Box style fonts all Caps (I do not have the name of the font) in wooden case
  • Everything you need to start in-house imprinting
Full Foil Rolls
  • 7 Gold
  • 1 white
  • 6 silver
  • 2 black
  • 1 Red
  • 1 Royal Blue
  • 1 Dark Green
What can it print on?
  • Ribbon
  • Napkins
  • Photos
  • Mylar Balloons
  • Just about any paper, plastic or leather items
*This item will sell/ship AS IS and via UPS Ground unless other arrangements have been made.