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Looking for your own design? Something that is unique to only your company?

Bisket Baskets Dropshipping can offer you a very unique opportunity to "design" your very own custom gift and even provide to you the image and copy to go with it. Perhaps you have a unique client that would like their own design made with an item or two or all of their products and just needs someone to assemble/design and ship them; we can help.
Bisket Baskets Dropshipping can provide to you our expertise in design arrangement, photography and text description of your custom designed gift. The process of designing a new gift is time consuming with the minimum completion time being 6 - 8 hours. With Bisket Baskets Dropshipping offering this service to you; you have access to our award winning design team, exceptional photography team and even the outstanding team of photo editors. We are able to offer you this package deal at an exceptional value.

Custom Design and Photo Worksheet

For your convenience you may easily download our photo worksheet in pdf form.

Bisket Baskets Dropshipping has a wide assortment of quality products available for your custom design. We carry a vast amount of products consisting of teas, coffees, single drink packets, soups, crackers, cheeses, meats, cookies, popcorn, snack mixes, candies and more along with a gourmet selection of dog and cat products such as bakery fresh biscuits in an assortment of sizes and styles along with pet pill minders, plush dog toys, kitty treats, catnip and kitty toys. Want something more specific; we can always use product purchased outside our selection to include in your custom designed gift.

Our photographs are delicately crafted based on the individual branding of your business and style. Simple as they may seem at first glance, creating a very effective gift basket photo requires a sophisticated photographer capable of understanding the branding of your business and translating that into a visual message.

We shoot all our own gift basket pictures in our photography studio at the design center. This way we are in control and understand the importance of an outstanding photo. We encourage you to compare our photos side by side with any other gift photos and ask yourself which gift is portrayed the best based on the photography.

Included Work:
Price includes one (1) gift design, gift set up, one (1) photo, cleaned, basic retouching and includes your choice of white or imaged background.

Final Notes:
Whenever you receive a design proof we ask that you provide us with your complete feedback within 24 hours. We will try to handle any revision requests you may have. However, in order to keep revisions to a minimum, we ask that you pay close attention to our revision process outlined below.
  • Overall design: one major revision, two minor revisions
  • Photo element: two minor revisions
  • Text Description (when purchased): one minor revision
      A major revision is defined as: A request for a major change within the design.
      A minor revision is described as: A request for a simple modification, re-wording, movement of a particular item etc.
    Completed Project:
    • Your project is considered finalized and complete when you request your Customized Design Photo.
    Additional Work:
    • Hourly rate is $75 (one hour minimum)
    • Additional retouching will be extra.
    • $25 for both images - White and image background.
    • Additional backgrounds will be billed at $75 per hour (one hour minimum).
    • $25 Custom Copy - Text description written for your custom design using key words and SEO best practices.
    • Ask for discount on multiple Custom Design work.
    After your order is placed we will contact you with a target start date.